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Our Confined Space Courses

We offer the Confined Space Course and the Gas Test Atmosphere Courses in our state of the art facility. The Confined Space Course is the most common course. For more information on the two courses please read bellow.

Confined Space Ticket

Gas Test Atmosphere Ticket

Confined space courses

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On-site Assessment (experienced operators only)

Our confined space course is essential if you plan to work in confined spaces in Australia. The confined space course will teach you how to safely work in confined spaces. Once you have been issued with you ticket for the confined space course you are able to enter and work in confined spaces. We also offer the gas test atmosphere course along with the confined space course. Most training organisations will add this as an extra course costing you more money, we do it all at the same price of a confined space course. The units of our course include. RIIWHS202E Enter and work in confined spaces MSMPER200 Work in accordance with an issued permit MSMWHS217 - Gas test atmospheres

With our fun & engaging confined space and gas test training run by award-winning teachers, it's a no-brainer. Call up to book in training and/or assessment today.

We allow you to swap and change the location or date of your confined space course at anytime with no additional cost. 

This includes the morning of your class! 

All you need to do is call 1300 677 191 and choose your new date.

You can book your confined space ticket in the course calendar below

All you need to bring with you is appropriate clothing and steel cap boots. Also being a form of identification for your trainer.

Prior to enrolment you will need a USI number. If you do not have one you can get one here.

If you have one but have forgotten it, you can redeem your USI number here

Yes, you need to be careful as there are scams out there. Here is our verification on the Australian government website – NHSC

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All our courses are recognised in every state in Australia. We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO No. 41072).


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Confined Space Ticket​

Getting your confined space ticket can open up many opportunities in both the civil construction industry and the mining industry. Many trades require working in confined space, plumbing, electrical and carpentry are all trades that frequently require you to enter confined spaces and test gas atmospheres.. During the confined space course your trainer will teach you the safe operating procedures to ensure you are not a hazard to your self or others when operating on site.​

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Registered Training
Organisation Certification & Card

All participants must undergo an assessment after training

All our courses are nationally recognised. The “Nationally Recognised Training” logo you can see on the certificate is a sure way to know the course you are completing is legitimate.

All our certificates come with a QR code. This QR code can be scanned by your employer to verify the certificate is authentic and issued from a licensed provider

All participants that successfully complete the course will be issued a statement of attainment (certificate) that can be used nation-wide.

You will be issued your certificate straight after your class to use the next day. You will also receive a license card ticket in the mail.

  • Good verbal and written comprehension of the English language
  • Obtain a USI –
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Steel cap boots
  • Identification
  • Course duration for training and assessment is 3 days
  • Course duration for assessment only is 2 hours (experienced operators only)
  • Various locations, view bookings tab
  • On-site bookings at your location
  • Face to face delivery 
  • Permits
  • Apply for a permit 
  • Identify the scope of the permit
  • Prepare for permitted work 
  • Work in accordance with an issued permit
  • Complete permit to work
  • Confined space entry
  • Plan and prepare for working in confined space
  • Work in confined spaces
  • Exit confined space
  • Clean up
  • Test gas 
  • Allowances can be made for participants with language, literacy & numeracy issues.

RPL recognises people who already have the knowledge and skills required for competency in various elements of units of an accredited training package should not be required to re-learn what they already know. The process of RPL also takes into account that various competencies can be acquired through:

  • previous qualification,
  • work experience and
  • Life experience

RPL requires that evidence of competency are demonstrated. Please contact the RTO if you feel you are eligible for this assessment pathway.

  • Cancellation or transfer more than 7 days prior to commencement – Full refund, free transfer
  • Cancellation or transfer within 7 days of commencement – No refund, free transfer
  • To put it simply. We will refund you the full course cost if you let us know prior to 7 days from your course start date. We will let you transfer your course to another day at anytime, even the morning of your course at no extra cost.

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